About Us






Our Vision

is a vibrant, caring and generous church impacting our region and our world through relevant ministry that ignites authentic relationship to Jesus and His church


Our Mission

•to provide a welcoming faith community where every person may explore, discover and develop faith in Christ, and friendships with others.

•to lift up the Name of Jesus in worship and in word.

•to inspire excellence in Christian service.

•to assist believers in discovering and developing their spiritual gifts.

•to make disciples through teaching and baptizing those who come to faith in Jesus.

•to bring about friendships which strengthen the faith community.

•to provide innovative ministry to every age demographic.

•to provide practical aid to the less fortunate.

•to resource missions work in other parts of the world.

•to train and mentor leaders to advance the kingdom of God.

•to resource the ministries of Metro Church to accomplish Christ’s mission in our region and in our world through missions.


Our Affiliation

Although Metro Church is a non denominational church, we believe that God desires his body to be connected. Through the following networks we find relationship, encouragement, accountability, sharpening, and more than anything else partnership for the kingdom’s purpose:



Wave Church
Based out of Wave Church in Virginia Beach, VA, Wave Network is a network of Churches looking to do life well together, while sharing experiences and vision in a fresh and relevant way nationally and internationally.


House of Prayer
Our Founding & Senior Pastors Don & Nita were serving as Associate Pastors of the House of Prayer Church before being called to Massachusetts in 1985 to plant what is now Metro Church.



Joel Osteen logo__eye with three 6s

Joel Osteen’s Champions Network
Metro Church is an affiliate of Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen’s Champions Network, which helps individuals find a good, Bible-based local Church in their area.